Restorative Dentistry

How much do dental implants cost at Complete Dental Care?

The cost of dental implants at Complete Dental Care? Dental Implants are taking the dental world by storm. Gone are the days of sliding false teeth and deteriorating facial structures that come with teeth replacement options of the past. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to missing teeth that maintains the integrity of your facial …

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All on 4 Vs. Traditional Dentures

If you’ve ever thought about restorative dentistry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about dental implants and dentures. While both of these products are excellent alternatives for missing teeth, there are a few things to consider. Traditional Dentures: 101 Denture replacement is only one of the many alternatives for replacing missing teeth. Fixed bridgework and dental implants are …

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NEW Smile

​​3 Reasons to Gift yourself the Gift of a New Smile!

The holidays are here and there is no doubt that you are running around making sure that everyone’s wish list has been fulfilled. But what is on your holiday list this year? Sometimes we overlook ourselves when the holiday season comes along and focus on others, but you deserve to treat yourself as well. And why …

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Dental Crowns: The Complete Dental Care Way!

Dental crowns are custom-fitted to cover your entire tooth, starting at the gum line, in order to restore the tooth to its original shape and size. They are available in a variety of materials such as metal alloy, gold, and porcelain. With proper care, your crown can last upwards of 15 years and will allow you to do all of the normal day-to-day things your normal teeth can do.

Dental Bridges With Complete Dental Care!

If you have a missing tooth, it can cause the surrounding teeth to shift. This can cause crowding, gaps in other areas of your teeth, and bite issues. Which can lead to issues when it comes to chewing and speech. A much greater issue associated with missing teeth can be bone loss which can cause issues with the structure of your facial features. All of these issues combined can cause patients to lose confidence in their smiles.