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Teeth in a Day (All on 4) Dental Implants

Complete Dental Care offers Teeth in a Day (All on 4) dental implants for patients who would like their new smile directly after the placement of their dental implants. Our dentist and team adjust your new teeth as your gums heal, which helps maintain your oral health during recovery and also helps gets the best results for your smile. Contact us today at 903-568-3732 for more information about Teeth in a Day (All on 4) dental implants in Greenville, Texas, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jackson Bean.

Below are some common questions that Complete Dental Care gets about Teeth in a Day

What is Teeth in a Day at Complete Dental Care? 

  • The revolutionary treatment called Teeth in a Day is for those who need replacement of all teeth and need help getting functionality back to one or both jaws.
  • This procedure is surgical and prosthetic.
  • A few implants (usually 4) are placed to support a dental prosthesis.
  • This helps minimize the need for bone grafting.
  • Provisional teeth are placed the same day of the surgery. These teeth look and feel like natural teeth.
  •  After healing (based on your treatment plan created by Dr. Jackson Bean) a final prosthesis is attached.

Are Teeth in a Day as strong as traditional dental implants?

  • The goal of traditional implants is to replace the roots of your teeth for a restoration or crown to be placed.
  • All on 4 dental implants allow for the same principle plus a little extra.
  • Teeth in a day allows you to regain the ability to chew and eat the food you love.
  •  It allows you to walk away with a new (temporary) set of teeth in the same day.
  • You can care for Teeth in a Day as you would your natural teeth.
  • Teeth in a Day requires only one recovery period. Traditional  whole-mouth dental implants require several different procedures.

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Is the entire Complete Dental Care treatment process done in one day?

  • Yes, you can get same day dental implants as the bulk of the process is done in the same day. This includes the surgery and placement of the temporary prosthetic.
  • There are several appointments required before and after the surgery. These include initial consultation, fabrication of provisional teeth, follow up care and/or adjustments.
  • This will be based on your treatment plan and can be better specified by our dentist, Dr. Jackson Bean.
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Advantages of Teeth in a Day / All on 4 Dental Implant:

Have more questions about Teeth in a Day / All on 4 dental implants? Wondering if you are a candidate? Contact us today at 903-568-3732 in Greenville, Texas and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jackson A. Bean.

Here at Complete Dental Care our treatments for Teeth in a Day / (All on 4) dental implants happen in five easy steps:

Step 1: A Free Consultation

We begin with a free consultation for same-day dental implants near you. Not only will this consultation help our doctor determine if you are a candidate for DENTAL IMPLANTS, it also allows us to create an individualized treatment plan to meet your goals and match your budget without any surprises.

Step 2: Pre-Procedure Exam

Once you have decided if Teeth in a Day / (All- on-four) dental implants are right for you, our dentist will help you finalize your treatment plan and give you everything you need to prepare for your procedure. This exam will be a complete oral exam with dental radiographs. You are now ready to schedule your dental implant appointment.

Step 3: The Procedure

This is when it all happens. This is an outpatient surgery done at Complete Dental Care, with protocols being tailored to your treatment plan. You can leave our office with your dental implants placed and a temporary set of prosthetic teeth that feel, function and look like the real thing. Meanwhile, our prosthodontist will be busy at work creating your finished smile.

Step 4: Checkups and Recovery

The recovery period after your whole mouth dental implant procedure is very important. Our PATIENTS usually stick to a soft food diet as they heal, which may last for several weeks to a few months, depending on the recovery process. Keep up with your oral hygiene routine, while still being gentle to minimize potential infectionsOur patients typically have several checkups with us during this time, which helps ensure the MOUTH IS HEALING PROPERLY. These checkups are part of your treatment plan and come at no additional cost.

Step 5: Receive Your New Teeth

This is your last step! Once your All on 4 dental implants have settled into place and your mouth has fully healed, we can remove your temporary teeth and replace them with your newly created smile!

After completing your treatment plan is completed, you want to continue regular dental visits and maintain oral hygiene. This helps to keep your whole mouth dental implants as healthy as possible and last a lifetime.

If you are ready to SMILE, speak and eat with confidence again, contact our office today for same-day dental implants near you in Greenville!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the advantages of choosing all on 4 dental implants, include –

  • Quick & less invasive procedure
  • Implant feels natural
  • Prevents jawbone deterioration
  • Easier care and better hygiene
  • Less costly than traditional implants
  • Prevent bone loss & degradation
  • Bone graft not generally required
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Permanent solution

Absolutely not! There is no such age limit till which dental implant procedures can be done. Anyone with age 18 or more can get dental implants.

All-on-4 dental implants have a very high success rate and have helped millions of people to improve their likelihood of success. In fact, the success rate is between 93.8 – 98.1%.

Therefore, it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits and schedule regular visits to your nearest dentist to amplify the success rate.

The cost of whole mouth dental implants may vary from patient to patient. Complete Dental Care offers free consultation to evaluate the patient and give them a better idea of the total cost.

Not really. The same day dental implants procedure is painless. But discomfort is possible and it could last for a day or two. Some patients however may continue to feel pain for up to 10 days.  Speak to your dentist if the pain becomes unbearable.