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Veterans’ Dental Services

At Complete Dental Care, we are committed to providing our veterans with the highest quality dental care possible. Our veterans have given so much to our country and we will forever be grateful for their sacrifices. So we work hard every day to try to show them our appreciation for those sacrifices. 

After your hard work and dedication to our country, you shouldn’t have to struggle with finding quality dental services for you and your family members. Whether you are in need of a regular dental checkup, or if you are coming in for a more complex restorative dentistry appointment, we are here to help make your experience as comfortable as possible. 

We are an approved dental provider for veterans who are 100% disabled. In addition, we want to provide the same level of dental care for veteran family members as well and offer a 15% discount for all disabled veteran family members.

Restorative Dentistry for Veterans

When serving in the military, you may have been subjected to chemicals or adverse conditions that the average person will never experience in their lifetime. Not only can your overall health be affected by these conditions, but they can greatly affect your oral health as well, which oftentimes can be neglected while serving. 

Many of our veterans have served in combat areas and have received injuries during their time. And while the main injuries that occurred may have been addressed, there may be underlying dental issues that weren’t. These can include injuries to your mouth such as damage to your jaw, misaligned or damaged teeth, or even loss of teeth. 

Whether you are a veteran that has recently finished serving or a long-time retired veteran, we are here to help those in all walks of life. Whatever your needs are, we want to help you restore your smile 

After serving your country and all of your sacrifices, you deserve to love your smile. You deserve a smile that restores both your confidence and function. And restorative dentistry does exactly that, it restores both the health and function of your smile after damage. 

Common restorative procedures for veterans include:

Cosmetic Dentistry for Veterans


When you are serving, many times the appearance of your smile may not be the first thing on your mind. Your life is busy and you have a lot to manage. But the beauty of your smile is important. And with all that you have given to our country, you deserve to have a smile that reflects the beauty within. 

When you think of cosmetic dentistry you may think of only teeth whitening procedures, but it is so much more than that. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to solve dental problems such as cracked, chipped, or broken teeth that may have occurred during your service or from neglect after your time. We can also fix gaps in teeth, misaligned teeth, or even repair missing teeth. 

No matter the goal you want to achieve with cosmetic dentistry, we can help you enhance the beauty of your smile. 

We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services for veterans including:

General Dentistry for Veterans

Sometimes your routine oral health care is not your top priority when serving your country, and that is completely understandable. You have a lot of responsibilities, you are dealing with a lot of pressure. 

However, when you think back to when was the last time that you were seen for a dental checkup? If you have to think back longer than 6 months or a year then it is time that you came in for a cleaning and checkup. There are many things that can happen during your time in service that can have a serious impact on your dental health and can be seen during your exam. 

Oral health issues that can be seen during your routine dental exams can also lead to bigger overall health concerns, like an increased risk of endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia. Your health can already be a concern due to your exposure to certain chemicals and conditions during your service, let us help you alleviate your health concerns as much as we can after your retirement. 

On top of your dental exams we also offer:


Financial Assistance for Veterans’ Dental Services

We offer several options of financial assistance for veterans who are seeking dental services. With the many challenges that veterans face, wondering how they are going to be able to afford their dental care shouldn’t be one of them. 

One of the ways that veterans can receive care in our office is by utilizing the community provider services through the VA. When the VA cannot provide the care that you, as a veteran need, you may be eligible to receive care from a community provider like Complete Dental Care. Even though your care is not provided at the VA, it will still be paid for by the Veterans Administration. 

The community care service is available to veterans who meet certain criteria and eligibility requirements. However, it must be first authorized by the VA before you can receive the care through our office. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment to utilize this service, it is important that you first confirm your eligibility for community care with the VA at

Once your eligibility has been confirmed you can make your appointment with Complete Dental Care by either:

  • Call Complete Dental Care directly to schedule and then inform a VA representative about your appointment
  • Use VA Online Scheduling to request an appointment for routine dental services
  • Have a VA staff member schedule your appointment
  • Have VA’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) schedule your appointment

And if you find yourself not qualifying for VA community care, we still want you to be able to afford the same level of dental care. We provide all veterans and their family members with a 15% discount as our way of saying thank you for your service.

Four-Legged Reinforcements

When you think about something that just instantly brightens your day, what are some things that come to mind? Maybe four-legged fluff balls that are just begging to be pet? Well, you are in luck because we just so happen to have two on staff at Complete Dental Care. 

We know that sometimes coming in for a dental appointment can be a little Ruff, so we have brought on Remy and Milo to our staff to help give you a little support before or after your appointments. 

Our veterans can come in early before their appointment to spend as much time as needed with Remy and Milo before their appointment. This is part of our commitment to making sure that you are completely comfortable with your dental care. 

And, if you are feeling a little anxious after your appointment, Remy and Milo are here to help after your appointment as well. Take all the time you need to decompress after your visit.

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