iTero® Digital Scanner

iTero® Digital Scanner

Itero Scanner, Greenville, TXOur office uses iTero® digital scanning to view three-dimensional images of the inside of your mouth. iTero digital imaging is a state-of-the-art technology that captures high-quality images of your teeth and supporting structures, making it easy for our dentist and team to diagnose problems and provide effective treatments. The iTero scanner captures up to 20 images per second in full color, allowing us to easily distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, build accurate digital models of your mouth, and create appliances and restorations that fit and function better. iTero technology can even simulate your treatment outcome to show you what your result should look like!

When our dentist or hygiene team scans your mouth, a small wand will be used to quickly and comfortably scan the inside of your mouth. As the wand passes over your teeth, we will process the images captured simultaneously to provide an immediate, complete, and highly accurate image of your mouth. The pictures are saved automatically every few seconds, so you don’t need to sit through a second scan.

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Dr. Jackson A. Bean uses iTero® digital scanning in Greenville, Texas, to view high-resolution images of the inside of your mouth. Like other digital imaging technology, this helps our dentists diagnose and treat dental problems more accurately. For more information or to schedule an appointment at Complete Dental Care, contact us today at 903-568-3732.

Benefits of iTero Digital Scanner

iTero scanning provides several benefits for our patients, including:

Increased comfort.

The iTero wand is much smaller and more comfortable than traditional impression materials, so you don’t have to worry about gagging or feeling claustrophobic. We can even show you the image of your mouth on a screen so you can see what we’re seeing and understand your treatment options.

Faster treatment.

With iTero scanning, we can take pictures of your mouth and create a digital model almost immediately. This means that you won’t have to wait for traditional impressions to harden before starting treatment, and you can even see your potential treatment outcome before we begin,

Better and more accurate fit.

Another advantage of iTero scanning is that it produces highly accurate images of your mouth, which leads to better fitting dental appliances and fewer adjustments. The digital model can also be used to create custom-fit implants, veneers, and other restorations.

A better understanding of treatment and results.

The iTero scanner can show you a simulation of your potential treatment outcome so that you can make more informed decisions about your care. You can also see what we see on the screen and ask any questions you may have about your diagnosis or treatment options.

When do I need a mouth scan?

iTero scanning is often used during Invisalign® treatment to create a digital model of your mouth, which is then used to fabricate your clear aligners. iTero imaging is also used to develop custom-fit crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays, as well as dentures and partial dentures.

Contact our office today to make your appointment with our dentist and learn more about iTero digital scanning. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!