Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment
for Total Body Wellness

Does your partner complain that you snore? Do you frequently wake up gasping for breath? Do you spend hours in bed yet wake up exhausted?  You may be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects increasing numbers of Americans every day. It saddles you with chronic sleep deprivation and affects the quality of your work, and your life. It can lead to automobile accidents, as your reaction times slow. Untreated, sleep apnea may even lead to conditions like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.  You can’t afford to ignore sleep apnea. You’re putting your future at risk if you leave it untreated.

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An Alternative to CPAP Machines

Today, one of the most popular treatments for sleep apnea is the CPAP machine. The machine forces air into the body as you sleep, making sure that you breathe adequately all night long. Many patients with sleep apnea find CPAP machines annoying. The face masks can make it harder to sleep, the machines are noisy, and they’re a pain to take when you travel.  As a result, people stop using their CPAPs, and their health suffers.

Complete Dental Care can offer you a more comfortable, more convenient, less invasive and just-as-effective alternative to the CPAP machine. If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, talk to Dr. Jackson Bean about a custom sleep apnea appliance.

These custom-made, retainer-like dental appliances reposition the lower jaw, and keep your airway open while you sleep. Many medical insurance plans cover them, and our patients find them more comfortable, easier to use, and more portable than a CPAP machine.  We’ll use digital imaging and design software to create a custom appliance that works for you.

Treat your sleep apnea before it causes lasting health damage. If you need a Greenville dentist who can design a sleep apnea appliance for you, call 903-454-6661.