Don’t Skip That Annual Dental Exam

Your schedule keeps filling up with things to do and you are looking around for a few items you can put on the back burner. Maybe you can put off having the dog groomed this month, and move that meeting back until next week, and then you see you are due for your annual dental exam. That is one thing you do not want to skip!

It may seem like something that can easily be put off, but your dental exams are more important than you may realize. They are much more than just getting your teeth bright and shiny. Your annual dental checkup is an important part of your dental hygiene routine. 

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene 

You may have heard about practicing good oral hygiene in your local dentists’ office before, but are you aware of what all it entails? 

We all know the general basics of good oral hygiene that are taught to us as children. It starts at home with a good brushing and flossing routine. But it also involves making sure that you are eating foods that are going to be good for your teeth and cutting down on sugary snacks. Quitting smoking is also a great way to ensure that your teeth are in great shape, as tobacco can lead to gum disease

But it also involves making sure that you are getting to your dentist for your semi-annual dental exams. These checkups are essential in maintaining your oral hygiene, one missed visit may not seem like a lot but a lot can occur in your mouth within 6 months.  

Why Good Oral Hygiene is Important 

We all want to have beautiful smiles that light up the room, but good oral hygiene is much more than that. It is about maintaining the health of your mouth alongside the beauty. 

When you have a good routine, you will be keeping both your gums and teeth healthy. Brushing and flossing is all about working to remove the plaque that builds up around your teeth. If this buildup isn’t properly managed, it can lead to tooth decay which can lead to needing dental work such as fillings, crowns,or root canals

Dental visits are another part of this routine. Your dentist will be able to catch any signs of dental decay or any other type of dental issue before it gets to a more severe level. Your dentist’s goal is to always find and treat dental problems before they become a bigger issue. 

But, if you are not making your regular visits and constantly putting them on the back burner, your dental issues may not be able to be caught in time. 

Make Your Annual Appointment 

We know that year is going to start to get busier for everyone soon. Holidays are on their way. And before you know it, the year will be over. 

But that also means your dental benefits are going to expire soon, and they won’t roll over to the new year. So be sure to get your annual dental exam scheduled soon before you run out of time, (903) 474-8206.

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  1. Great read! I agree that it is important to make it a habit to do your dental routine to maintain healthy teeth. I’m wondering if those regular dental visits to a dentist different from annual dental exams?

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