Dental Bridges With Complete Dental Care!

If you have a missing tooth, either due to trauma or a dental procedure that leads to tooth extraction, it is important to have that tooth replaced as soon as possible. Many people don’t realize that a missing tooth can lead to greater issues in the long run. 

If you have a missing tooth, it can cause the surrounding teeth to shift. This can cause crowding, gaps in other areas of your teeth, and bite issues. Which can lead to issues when it comes to chewing and speech. A much greater issue associated with missing teeth can be bone loss which can cause issues with the structure of your facial features. All of these issues combined can cause patients to lose confidence in their smiles. 

However, with the help of bridges, we can help restore the function and beauty of your smile. The dental bridge is anchored in place through the use of two dental crowns, which are custom made to fit your smile and are placed on the teeth or dental implants next to the space left by the missing tooth.

Your dental health is always our top priority. Whether you are in need of a routine checkup or a full dental restoration, we are always here to help you. Call us today to schedule your next dental appointment (903) 474-8206. 

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